Two new certifications… and….. aspirations for another JNCIE!

Over the last month or so, I have been quietly working away at a couple more JNCIS certifications – JNCIS-QF (QFabric) and JNCIS-SEC (Security).

For those of you who have not done any Juniper certifications before – a JNCIS is roughly equivalent to a CCNP level certification. I’ve come off the back of fairly intensive study for my JNCIE-ENT, for which I was invited to sit the beta of some new test forms in February – so rather than doing 6+ an hour per night, I slowed this down to an hour or two per week. It’s actually been quite odd re-figuring out what to do with all this “free time” – so doing these certifications was a good thing to do to keep my brain occupied and learning something new!

I’m pleased to say that I passed both, getting my JNCIS-QF on 14 March, and my JNCIS-SEC on 8 April. I thought both did a really good job of establishing that the candidate had a reasonable knowledge of the subject areas covered, and would feel confident setting up either a QFabric system or a Juniper SRX in a live deployment (which I guess is the point, right?).

I’ve also decided that I am in fact going to work towards a third JNCIE – the JNCIE-SEC. In many ways, this is going to be far more interesting than the other two, given the fact that I have far less experience in the area of Network Security than I have in Service Provider or Enterprise (as I have spent most of my career working for large service providers!). I’m really looking forward to learning a bunch of new and different technologies – something which is always very enjoyable!

I do however plan to take this one significantly slower than the other two. Essentially I did all the study for my last two JNCIEs in one year – and while I am glad I did it, as I wanted to prove to myself that I could; I would not do it again as I had no life at all while I was doing it. My plan is to slowly work towards this with the aim of doing the JNCIE-SEC exam sometime in the next year. Over the next couple of months I plan to sit the JNCIP-SEC and the JNCSP-SEC – though I will be doing plenty of labbing for the JNCIE as I study for these two written exams. From there I’ll make a week-by-week study plan of what I want to learn and work out a pace to approach it, and only book the exam when I’m sure that I am entirely ready.

As I do this, I’ll be blogging regularly on some of the new technologies and concepts I will be learning – and would appreciate any feedback/corrections; much of this stuff will be very new and different for me!

I also am hoping to hear back on my JNCIE-ENT result in the next few weeks – and will post this as soon as I get it!


4 thoughts on “Two new certifications… and….. aspirations for another JNCIE!

    • Hey Joao,

      For the JNCIS-QF, my study was to read the material from the two recommended courses CMQS & TQS. See for details of what Juniper recommend as the reading material – but I found that the course material covered everything you needed to know. You also need a reasonable understanding of routing & switching – but given that JNCIS-ENT is a prerequisite, I would expect that anyone taking the QF exam should already possess this.


      • You confirmed my suspicion.

        I attended the exam last Tuesday to fail with 56%. 🙂 Was happy for the fact that I had never touched the system nor seen any material to exception of some vLectures in the learning Academy (focused on sales). That was enough to understand the architecture but not the technical aspects which I believe to be covered in mentioned study materials.
        I was also not expecting it to be so vendor oriented (like other S levels) but in the end it is comprehensible.

        Think there’s now a destiny for those $300 JTC.


  1. Hey Joao,

    Yeah, I think the difference between the other JNCIS level certifications and the QFabric certification is that at the end of the day the QFabric is one giant switch. You can view the whole thing as a gigantic multi-rack switch, with the backplane and line card exploded to a bunch of different chassis.

    Therefore naturally this will involve a lot more vendor oriented content, while the others will be much more focused on a subject area.

    Additionally I found that the SAN/NAS/FC related content was new and something to learn!


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