My name is Tim, and this website is about things that I’ve discovered / labbed / investigated during my time as a Senior Network Engineer / Architect as well as through study towards various certifications.

I work for Snap Internet, a large Retail/Wholesale/Business ISP and transit provider in New Zealand based in Christchurch – a job involving a responsibility for the overall design of the network. We’re currently experiencing huge growth, which creates some interesting problems to solve, some of which I’ll be able to post about here. Having said that, no comments on this site are in any way representative of Snap or reflect the views of anyone here.

Prior to this, I’ve spent a fair while working for various big players in the NZ ISP/Telco scene.

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  1. Hi, Tim. My husband, Rob, and I enjoyed talking with you on our flight to SFO and hope all is going well in San Francisco. We wish you the best of luck on the exam this week, and hope to hear from you if you’re ever planning to visit Seattle!

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